Which image generation tools to adopt for logo design ?

With the emergence of AI, automatically generating graphics from textual instructions is becoming the norm. Spending long periods of time on logo design projects is therefore a habit of the past. One of the criteria for obtaining beautiful logos with professional renderings is to choose the right creation tool. The plethora of options available, however, complicates this choice. To help you succeed in your design projects, discover our selection of the 4 best logo generation tools of the moment.


If drawing a brand logo is what you are concerned about, this tool can help you achieve your goal. A generator of various varieties and styles of graphics, MyImageGPT presents itself as the best tools for creating ai images.

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It is a bot powered by sophisticated neural networks. These algorithms are trained on a database of millions of illustrations. They can therefore create many categories of images, including logos.

For your creation, go to the platform and choose “logo” as the image style. Then provide a text prompt that describes it. Indicate for example the context in which you are creating the logo, the elements (characters and colors) that it must contain. This first choice is important because it gives context to the tool. He will thus behave like a graphic design professional, specialized in logo design.

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So when you choose styles like “drawings”, “photography” or “painting”, you will not succeed in creating a quality logo.


Canva is known as one of the most advanced and widely used tools for creating images. More than a hundred million graphic designers use it on a daily basis around the world. Since the advent of AI, the designers of this revolutionary application have developed its AI-powered version. With the latter, users with little or no graphic design skills can bring their ideas to life.

If you need to quickly create a quality logo, this version of Canva should be chosen. To do this, you must open the editor and go to the “From text to image” application. As with other tools using AI, then enter clear and precise text that describes the image to be generated.

Then choose the style of your logo and start the generation. If you are satisfied with the result, download your graphic. Otherwise, you can modify the image as you wish. Note that Canva AI is completely free. So you have no excuse not to use it for new designs.

Adobe Firefly

Just like Canva with its new AI tool, Adobe Photoshop, the other graphic design giant also offers Firefly, its generative AI web application. With all the possibilities that this tool offers, we can safely say that it has evolved Photoshop.

To create a logo or any other graphic, you can use it. All you have to do is select an area, describe what you want to add using a prompt and choose one of the many options that the tool offers. To improve your creations, you can retouch shapes, remove unwanted elements, add colors using text prompts. Creating beautiful works will therefore be done in record time.

To access Adobe Firefly, nothing complicated. Go to firefly.adobe.com and log in with your Adobe ID.


For creating logos, you can also use TurboLogo. Specializing in the creation of logos, he uses AI to simplify the creation process. There is therefore no better ally to design the visual element that represents your brand.

Of course, even if you have no graphics skills, you can use TurboLogo to automatically generate graphics. The creation process is simple with this tool. It also takes place in three stages. Once the generator is running, you must enter the name of your company and your sector of activity. Then choose one or more color palettes, making sure they match your brand. Finally, select the type of logo you like.

TurboLogo will then use this information to generate logo templates. You will then just have to choose the one you like and modify it if necessary. The tool integrates many features to allow customization. Once you have finished your design, you will be able to download your logo in high resolution in PNG and JPEG formats or even in SVG vector files and PDF.